Coffee that BURNS FAT !
Boresha International's Exclusive Bskinny Coffee is the Boresha Skinny Coffee .
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Boresha's patented fat-burning coffee has been shown to burn fat !
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Bskinny Skinny Coffee 
Coffee is proud to
  introduce & share Bskinny
, a patented fat-burning,
  thermogenic coffee.

  Bskinny Coffee has the
  first and only low glycemic coffee
  patent ever awarded

  Bskinny Coffee is the first and
  only coffee drink designed by
  glycemic index researchers.


Bskinny Coffee

 Boresha Coffee's patented Skinny Coffee aka Bskinny Coffee is made from  the best of Boresha's Private Estate, Organic, 100% AA Arabica coffee beans. When you drink Bskinny Coffee, you now have a delicious cup of gourmet coffee that burns fat.

* All of Boresha's Coffees are Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown, & Eco-Friendly

Skinny Coffee  is so powerful that you get fat burning results just by drinking it. Imagine what it would be like if you could drink a cup of Bskinny coffee & burn fat while you sit down to read the morning paper !

oresha Lean The Skinny Coffee

Skinny Coffee | Bskinny Coffee

The Many Benefits of Bskinny Coffee

Skinny Coffee | Bskinny Coffee
  •   Buffered Caffeine

  •   Thermogenic Fat-Burning

  •   Patented Hunger Control

  •   Balanced Energy

  •   Combats Stress Related Eating

Bskinny Coffee aka Skinny Coffee can't be copied because of its patent, its propietary maufacturing process, & most important,  it is impossible to "reverse engineer" the  Skinny Coffee Skinny Science formula.

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Skinny Tea | NuvoGene Tea

Boresha Skinny Science products are Certified Low Glycemic and Non-Cephalic with special focus on addressing the current epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

It is important to consume low glycemic foods & beverages, because a high glycemic diet may cause weight gain in adults & children, & can also lead to type 2 diabetes

Boresha International Products
  • Bskinny Skinny Science Coffee
  • Bsweet Skinny Science Sweetener
  • Bcreamy Skinny Science Creamer
  • NuvoGene Tea




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Because of the energy enhancing effects of Bskinny Coffee, do not consume Bskinny Coffee aka Skinny Coffee too close to bed time as it may result in difficulty falling asleep.

Try Boresha Bskinny Latte the Boresha Latte that burns fat !

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