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Boresha International Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 sections of FAQs below:

Boresha Opportunity Questions - Product Questions - Orders & Shipping Questions

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Business Opportunity Questions

  1. How to start your Boresha Business - A step by step guide

  2. Is there a distributor near me?

Ordering & Shipping Questions


How to start your Boresha Business - A step by step guide

1. Click Here to go to the Join Page (a new window will open)

2. Choose the product package you want to start your business and click "ADD & GO. (*NOTE* one of the best ways to build your business is to hand out samples of the skinny coffee. The executive pack is the best choice for this as it gives you more coffee than your personal 30day supply.)

3. Confirm your sponsor . Click YES

4. You are taken to a page where you can add additional products to your order. If you don't want additional products, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "continue"

5. Fill out the information in each section. (*NOTE* - in the section titled "LOGIN INFORMATION", this is where you are choosing your website name. All distributor websites have a base domain of "".  What you are choosing is your personal site name. For example . Create a password for your backoffice.

6. Make sure that you have the Bfree Automated Online System selected so you have the website and system to help build your business . (We will train you right away on how to use this and why it is so important to your business). Click Continue

7. Fill out your billing address and method of payment and click Continue.

8. Confirm all of your information and finish your registration !

9. Congratulations & Welcome to the team ! Check your email for training documents and conference call schedule

Is there a distributor near me?    

Boresha has distributors in all 50 states. If you are looking for a local distributor to order products from, we have made it very very easy for you to order your products online and have them shipped right to your door. Click Here for how to place an order.

If you are looking for a distributor to work with, to answer questions, and to support you; we have a very simple system to help you build your business and you will have an excellent support team with systems to help you build your business


How does BSkinny™ work?    

Unfortunately, today's lifestyle often promotes fat storage and decreases fat utilization. High-sugar, high-fat foods and less-active lifestyles lead to lower metabolic activity and greater fat storage. BSkinny™ decreases fat storage and increases metabolic activity. More fat is utilized and less fat is stored by just drinking BSkinny™ coffee!

What is DIT thermogenic fat-burning?    

DIT stands for Diet-Induced Thermogenesis. It basically means that the thermogenic (fat-burning)effect is achieved by the intake of some dietary element, and not increased physical activity. While physical activity is an important to maintain one’s health, NuvoGene Tea’s DIT effect is beneficial even when you don’t have time to increase your external activity – it works from the inside out.

Does BSkinny™ cause "spikes" & "crashes" like other metabolic-boost drinks?    

No. The problem with other "energy" or "fat-burning" products is that it will increase metabolic activity, but when the active ingredient dissipates the body's metabolism "crashes" – blood sugar levels drop and the individual experiences fatigue and low-energy. BSkinny™'s proprietary blend of buffered caffeine and low-glycemic sweetener, blood sugar levels remain stable without any "spikes" or "crashes."

I have a medical condition; Can I drink Skinny Coffee?    


Skinny coffee carries the same warnings as regular coffee. If you have any questions or if you are unsure if you should have skinny coffee, please refer to the skinny coffee label and ingredients list below and consult with a physician.

What are the ingredients in Skinny Coffee?
 CLICK HERE (new window opens)  

Results - What to look for; What to expect    

The first thing you should notice throughout the day is that you have a good, balanced level of energy and alertness without feeling anxious or like you are "bouncing off the walls". The other thing many people comment on is that after having their skinny coffee or skinny tea, they are less hungry throughout the day and almost have to remind themselves to eat. The fat burning effect is not an instant or overnight thing, and unrealistic results should not be expected.

What many customers notice is that in a couple of weeks, clothes begin to fit better, they begin to look better and they feel better.  Listen to satisfied customer testimonials here

Of course, results will vary from person to person. A 300 pound person is obviously likely to see more dramatic results than a 180 pound person. Lastly, Bskinny Coffee & Boresha Nuvo Gene Tea are not "Miracle Products". If you are eating thousands and thousands of calories a day, any fat burning is likely to be, at the very least, slowed down and possibly "canceled out"  entirely by the large amount of calories.

How does NuvoGene Tea manage hunger?    

Because NuvoGene Tea is low-glycemic, it stabilizes blood sugar levels without creating the “spike and crash” effect. One feels hungry and weak, perhaps even jittery, when blood sugar levels “crash.” Other products claiming to be fat-burning don’t do anyone any favors by making them “spike” and then “crash” because the user ends up just feeling hungry, then gains weight by eating in response to low metabolism and blood sugar levels and the whole yo-yo cycle of weight gain is reinforced. NuvoGene Tea increases metabolic activity without inducing the hunger that comes from the “crash” effect.

How does NuvoGene Tea manage stress-related eating?    

Stress-Related Eating (SRE) is a phenomenon that occurs when glucose release is stimulated and the body gets a boost of energy, like in stressful or challenging situations. Because NuvoGene Tea creates a metabolic environment where energy is released in an even and stable manner, one does not experience the desire to GO FOR THE CARBS! People generally experience dramatic decrease in desire to eat between meals and also tend to eat smaller portions. These changes in behavior further reinforce blood glucose stability and amplifies the fat-burning effect cycle.

How does NuvoGene Tea beat the obesity gene?    

The FTO gene variant is believed to be linked to one’s predisposition to store fat. Studies are ongoing with regard to racial and ethnic distribution, but it has already been shown that over half of the individuals of European descent possess this gene. This gene has been shown to cause weight gain, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Individuals who have inherited this gene from both parents are 70% more likely to be obese than non-carriers of the gene. NuvoGene Tea, along with Bskinny Thermogenic Fat Burning Coffee, are the only non-drug products that address this genetic risk-factor in humans.

What is meant by maximum natural energy?    

Because NuvoGene Tea enhances one’s own stores of energy (adipose tissue/fat), the energy is natural. NuvoGene Tea does not create increase activity by increasing blood sugar, but increases metabolic activity in a safe and stable manner that delivers even energy levels.

What are the ingredients in Skinny Tea? CLICK HERE (new window will open)

How does ARG Matrix promote muscle development/decreasing body fat?  
Because L-Arginine has been shown to aid in increasing lean muscle development by signaling muscle cells and the release of growth hormone. With an increase in lean muscle mass, there is an increased ability to burn fat.

How does ARGmatrix promote healthy sexual performance?    

Because of L-Arginine’s direct role in Nitric Oxide production and relaxation of blood vessels, L-Arginine has been linked enhanced erectile function in men and increased libido in women.

How is ARGmatrix rejuvenative?     

L-Arginine is a precursor to proline, an amino acid which, when converted to hydroxyproline, serves as a major component of the protein collagen, the main protein in connective tissue. As such, L-Arginine has been associated with accelerated wound healing and rejuvenative effects.

How does ARG Matrix help boost energy levels?   

Because L-Arginine is converted into Nitric Oxide and blood vessels are more relaxed, there is less stress on the heart, blood flow and circulation is improved, and healthy energy levels are promoted.

How does L-Arginine help maintain healthy blood sugar levels?     

Actually, L-Arginine products may actually increase blood sugar levels, but this is where ARG Matrix outshines the other L-Arginine products. Because ARG Matrix is the only Certified Low-Glycemic L-Arginine proven safe long-term, ARG Matrix does not increase blood sugar levels, but actually helps in the management of blood sugar levels.

How many varieties of coffee are there? 

There are really only two primary varieties of coffee that are brewed as a beverage - Arabica and Robusta. Robusta is higher in acidity and much more bitter than Arabica. As a result, it is a less expensive bean and is often used in cheaper blends. Arabica is widely accepted as the far superior variety for brewed coffee.

Why is African coffee superior to coffee grown in other areas? 

Africa, particularly Ethiopia, is the global origin of Coffea arabica. As such, it possesses the climate and soil conditions best suited for nurturing this superior variety of coffee.

Why is Boresha Private Estates lower in acidity? 

There are three main issues with regard to acidity – variety, crop selection and roasting method. Most coffees are blends, whether a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, or a blend of Arabica beans from different areas of the world. Boresha Private Estates only selects AA Arabica beans and never blends Arabica beans from different growing regions (single origin). Coupled with Boresha’s superior infrared roasting process, you are assured of getting the very best crop to cup experience available.

Why is infrared roasted coffee superior? 

Boresha’s infrared roasting is a proprietary method by which beans gently and evenly roasted. Traditional direct heat methods leave the outside of beans cooked more than the insides, so the balancing act that has to be managed is how much overcooked outside to undercooked inside will be allowable. This results in a compromise decision between “acceptable” levels of acidity, flavor and bitterness. With infrared roasting, the overcooked/undercooked compromise is never an issue.

How does Boresha Private Estates offer a better value?  

The keys to the value presented by Boresha Private Estates is not only in the excellence of its quality, but also in the volume of flavor potential released from each bean. Boresha’s proprietary infra red roasting technology unlocks and releases more from each bean than any other process, while reducing the amount of acid and eliminating the bitterness sometimes attributed to lesser roasts. Because more flavor potential is released and realized from each bean, less coffee needs to be used to still brew a superior cup. It is not unusual for customers to use half as much Boresha Private Estates for the same number of cups of brewed coffee as they would have needed to use of their previous brand, with each cup of Boresha Private Estates remaining superior in flavor and satisfaction.



How to place an order 


To buy any of Boresha International's products you can CLICK HERE or you can click the "BUY NOW - ORDER HERE" on any product page to direct you to the product order page


Autoship Orders 


Boresha International knows that life gets busy. For your convenience, we've created a simple autoship program so you can have your products sent to you automatically each month. With your autoship order, you will receive significant savings on your product orders.


Shipping & Handling 


You will receive your package within 5-7 business days after placing your order. Boresha ships through Fedex and provides all our customers with tracking information. Shipping costs vary depending on weight. Two or Three day shipping is also available within the US.


International Orders 

"I live internationally and not within the United States. Can I still place a Boresha order?"


Yes. We can ship internationally. For large purchases or special orders please contact us at 877-457-4292 or


Commercial Orders 

“I own an establishment and would like to bring Boresha International products into my store. Does Boresha international deal with commercial accounts and is commercial pricing available?”


Yes. Commercial pricing is available for Boresha Private Estates Coffees and bulk order savings are available for our skinny product line. Use the contact page to have a representative call you for more details


Return/Refund Policy 

Boresha International offers a full refund (less shipping and handling on all of our products), as long as they are returned unopened and in resellable condition. All returns must be received within 30 days of the purchase date. To successfully return a Boresha item, please include the packing slip that contains your account identifying information. 

Need further assistance? 


Call us at 877-457-4292