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Boresha International is a leader in premium organic coffees and the only company with Bskinny Coffee aka Skinny Coffee, & Nuvo Gene Tea, the only Patented Fat-Burning coffee and tea in the world.

Boresha International Private Estates Coffee uses only the finest 100% AA Arabica coffee beans, that are Certified Organic, Fair Traded, and Shade Grown.

Additional products created and patented by world renowned Alpha Scientist Dr. Ann de Wees Allen are available now. From Dr. Allen's low glycemic Bsweet sweetener, and zero fat creamer Bcreamy, to the cutting edge ARG Matrix, ARG Bone Matrix, and Boresha Meal Replacement Shakes; we invite you to indulge your taste buds while enhancing your health.

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Boresha Coffee 


Boresha Private Estates Coffee
produces, on average,
TWICE the cups per bag of most popular coffee brands and may be lower in acidity than other coffees.

Why is Boresha Coffee lower in acidity?

Three primary factors affect the acidity of coffee- variety, crop selection, and most important the roasting "profile" or method. The majority of coffeemakers produce blends of Arabica and Robusta beans, or on occasion a blend of Arabica beans from different regions of the world. Boresha Coffees are single origin, never blended, and use ONLY the finest AA Arabica beans in the world. Add to that the infrared roasting that produces a more balanced roast of the coffee and you get one of the most delicious and smoothest cups of coffee found anywhere on the planet


Boresha Coffee has been featured at numerous trade shows, tasting parties, and other venues. A large majority of guests that tried Boresha Coffee preferred Boresha Coffee over their current coffee  and most if not all have been amazed at Boresha's smooth finish and lack of bitterness.

finish is so smooth that people who had never before  drank their coffee black were shocked that they were able to enjoy Boresha without any cream or sweetener.

Boresha may be the finest  and best tasting coffee in the world.

To Truly Appreciate The Boresha Difference,
Choose from Skinny Coffee or Private Estates.

Skinny Tea 
  Private Estates Decaf - Boresha's Private Estates
  decaf . All of the delicious flavor you have come to love,
  without the caffeine.


Boresha Coffees
Available Direct From Boresha International 

(Commercial Pricing Available for Approved Coffee Shops & Retailers)


Boresha Skinny Science

Boresha Skinny Science Glycemic Zone products are Certified Low Glycemic and Non-Cephalic with special focus on addressing the current epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

It is important and helpful to consume low glycemic foods and beverages, because high glycemic, high cephalic products cause weight gain in adults and children, and can also lead to type 2 diabetes

A Few Of Boresha's Skinny Science Products




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Bskinny Coffee, Nuvo Gene Tea, Bcreamy Skinny Science Creamer, Bsweet Skinny Science Sweetener, ARG Matrix , Boresha Codebreaker , & ARG Bone Matrix , are all cutting edge products and available for purchase through skinnycoffeeworks.com.

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Because of the energy enhancing effects of Bskinny Coffee, do not consume Bskinny Coffee aka Skinny Coffee too close to bed time as it may result in difficulty falling asleep.

Try Boresha Bskinny Latte the Boresha Latte that burns fat !

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